Jug of Blood

CLASSIFICATION: Corrupt Holy Relic

ALIAS[ES]: The Loving Jug, Death’s Wine, The Curse of Janet

APPEARANCE: A tarnished silver wine jug with ornate embellishments, embossed is an image widely believed to be that of Serotina, a demigoddess whom carried water up a mountain for her lover each day.

APPLICATION: Each morning at dawn the jug will fill with water. This was its original function. The jug is currently cursed and any whom drink from it will slowly have their blood drained, only for it to be found in the jug the next morning instead of water.

HISTORY: The jug originally belonged to a poor family whose home was on the outskirts of a war torn country. They lived in famine and thirst, the wells had run dry and the fields had been salted. They prayed each day to the goddess Serotina to bring them water and shower her love upon them as rain. Serotina in her wisdom knew that it would extend her influence to help this poor family, and gifted them with both healing rain upon their fields, and a silver wine jug full of water at their doorstep. The family rejoiced and in the coming days spread the good word of Serotina, whom grew powerful as a result. Serotina further enchanted the family’s silver jug as a reward for their piety. Each and every day it filled to the brim with clean water for drinking.

In time the war drew to a close, and the family under the guide of Serotina grew prosperous and rebuilt their town. Peace reigned for many decades, but as the townspeople grew complacent so too did some of them fall into vice. The youngest son of the prosperous family began to gamble and lost a large sum of money. In order to avoid debt collectors he stole away in the night along with the family’s prized jug, and was never seen again. The jug turned up a few decades later in the home of a necromancer named Ghast whom was unable to divine its true nature. He was found dead in his bed by an apprentice, the blood-filled silver jug nearby. The apprentice quickly sold the jug to be rid of such a morbid item, and that is how it ended up in the hands of the Duke of Janet.

The Duke and Dutchess of Janet were famous for their extravagant dinner parties. At once such party the ornate silver jug was showcased and used to serve wine to the dozens of guests, the entire noble lineage of Janet. The morning after the party an inconsolable servant lead guards into the ballroom, the floor soaked in some centimeters of blood, with many of the guests lying face down in it. The jug stood in the center of the room, an untouched circle of bare floor around it.

For weeks the jug remained untouched until a priest was brought to exorcise it. When it was shown to have no ethereal attachments the priest took the jug as a donation toward his congregation, The Church of Serotina, where it remains to this day in a temple away from greedy lips.

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